SHOW #279


Fastway -Say What You Will

Black Sabbath -Devil Cried

Joan Jett -Bad Reputation

Megadeth -Youthanasia

Warlock -Fight for Rock

Flotsam & Jetsam -Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden -Hallowed Be Thy Name

Overkill -Hello From The Gutter

Pantera -Revolution is My Name

Motorhead -Hellraiser

Quiet Riot- Mama We're all Crazy now

Mr. Big -Wind Me Up

Whitesnake -Slide it in

Alice Cooper -Guilty

Skid Row- Monkey Business

Apocalypse Orchestra -The Garden of Earthly Delights

In Flames -Here Until Forever

UFO- Mother Mary


Metallica -Last Caress/GreenHell

The Cult -Love Removal Machine

Zebra -Tell Me What You Want

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