SHOW #310


Warlock -All We Are

Metallica -Bleeding Me

In Flames -Here Until Forever

Great White -Rollin' Stoned

Saxon- Battering Ram

Armored Dawn -Chance To Live Again

Celtic Frost- In the Crypt of Rays

Overkill -Elimination

Pantera- This Love

Ozzy Osbourne -Perry Mason

Lynch Mob -Wicked Sensation

Scarlet Red- Don't Dance with Danger

Girlschool- C'mon Lets Go

Slash -Bent To Fly

Judas Priest- Some Heads Are Gonna Roll

Cinderella- Last Mile

Dark Tranquility -Forward Momentum

Primal Fear -Bad Guys Wear Black

Billy Idol- Cradle of Love

AC/DC -Jailbreak

Black Sabbath -Children of the Grave

Rob Zombie -Dead City Radio

Whitesnake -Slow An' Easy

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